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Alga Washington

Alga Washington

Canton, MI


I have enjoyed pencil drawing as far back as my memory takes me. I took a few evening art classes at community colleges, but not many were encouraged to pursue artistic dreams back in those days, you have to be much more practical. So, I began a career working in human resources where the closest my job came to artistic expression was creating display boards and slides for management and board meetings. Interestingly enough, this allowed me to be a frequent visitor and occasional collaborator in the Graphic Arts department.

I was never able to shake the feeling that the Graphic Arts Department was where I truly belonged and was occasionally called upon to create an illustration when the art department could not meet our timing. I continued to develop, albeit slowly, my creative talents and skills. Eventually, I was able to participate in a few local art shows. One of them was sponsored by the National Technical Association and used the former location of the African American Museum in Detroit as a venue.

While these very infrequent events keep me "connected" with my true calling over the passing years, I promised myself that one day, after my retirement, I would truly follow my passion and earnestly pursue and nurture my artistic and creative interests. Happily, that day has finally arrived!!!

In 2010, I picked up a very old, barely used set of pastels and began to draw again. I really enjoy drawing and the freedom of expression that it imparts. I find that it also helps me cope with life's unavoidable losses and unexpected disappointments.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work and watching me grow. Thanks for visiting!


Horse on Wood by Alga Washington


Fantasy by Alga Washington


Violets 2 by Alga Washington


Violet Haze by Alga Washington


Rose Colored Dreams by Alga Washington


Little Drummer Boy by Alga Washington


Great Lakes Art Fair by Alga Washington


Lion by Alga Washington


WIP Lion by Alga Washington


Erik 1 by Erik Washington


Yo Yo Yo . . . Merry Christmas by Alga Washington


E by Alga Washington



Annapolis Park by Alga Washington


The Hunt by Alga Washington